Ford Shrinks Boss Engine Program in Light of Fuel Prices

It’s no secret that Ford has been working on a new family of Boss engines, scheduled to appear in upcoming Mustangs and F-series trucks. Now comes word that Ford has ditched the Boss engine for Mustangs and F-150s, including the upcoming Raptor, and will likely only use the engine for Super Duty trucks in the future.

In an interview with, Mark Fields, Ford Americas president, said “The program is moving forward but with lower volumes and only one displacement (engine).” With fuel prices skyrocketing, and lower than expected fuel economy figures for the Boss engines, Ford will likely put the new 6.2-liter engine in future Super Duty trucks as a replacement for the current 6.8-liter V-10 engine. EcoBoost engines could take the place of the Boss in light-duty trucks.

It’s no surprise to hear Ford is scaling back on the big-block engine program. Given the price of gas, and the current political climate demanding more fuel efficient cars, this is a prudent move. Enthusiasts will be disappointed, but the majority of the population will see this as the right thing to do.