Future Cars

2007 Ford Shelby GT

They say you should never buy a used rental car, and now fans of the Ford Shelby GT-H won’t have to. While the GT-H is exclusive to Hertz, Ford is adding a retail version, the Shelby GT. The Shelby GT reaches dealers early next year as an ’07 model. Ford has yet to finalize specs, but expect all the major GT-H goodies, including the Ford Racing intake and exhaust (and its resultant 25 extra hp), the horizontal-bar grille, the hood pins, and the side scoops. Don’t expect the black-and-gold Hertz color scheme; instead, the Shelby GT will have silver stripes over a black or white body. Best of all, though, is that whereas the Hertz cars are all equipped with automatic gearboxes, the civilian version can be had with either an automatic or a manual. Of course, the other good part is that buyers of the Shelby GT won’t have to wonder how many knuckleheads performed neutral drops or smoky burnouts in their baby; they’ll be secure in the knowledge that all the abuse their cars endure will be owner-inflicted.