Ford Relaunches Fiesta Movement For 2014 Model, Recruits 100 Social-Media Users

Ford plans to market the 2014 Fiesta by re-launching its Fiesta Movement campaign. In 2009, the program consisted of Ford giving free cars to “influencers” who documented the quirks, details, and benefits of their Fiestas online. The same is true for the new program: 100 “social influencers,” including celebrities and members of the last Fiesta Movement, will receive a 2014 Ford Fiesta in exchange for creating social media content about the car.

The reasoning behind the program is sound. Millennials — people born since the mid- 1980s — make up a big portion of Fiesta buyers, so Ford wants to market its new car directly to them. During the 2009 Fiesta Movement, participants (known as Agents in Ford-speak) drove over a million miles, produced 50,000 pieces of online content, and raked in almost 30 million online views.

“Millennials in particular like being a part of the brands they feel represent them,”Ford advertising manager Keith Koeppen said in a statement. “This demographic is accustomed to creating content about their lives, so it just makes sense to give their creativity a bigger platform with greater scale.”

For their efforts, Agents get a free 2014 Ford Fiesta, along with free gas and insurance. They’ll also receive digital cameras and “other tools” necessary for posting about the cars online.

Of course, Ford still wants to get its money back by using what the Agents create for its own purposes. “The possibilities are limitless. For example, if there’s a video we really like, we can turn it into a TV commercial, if there’s a photo we think is really eye-catching, we can incorporate it into a print campaign,” Koeppen said.

The 2014 Ford Fiesta receives a range of upgrades, including a new wide-mouth front grille like that on the Fusion sedan, updated interior materials, and an optional 1.0-liter EcoBoost inline-four engine. Ford also will launch the Fiesta ST this year, a warmed-up model with a 197-hp 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine, sharper suspension, stronger brakes, and a racy body kit.

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Source: Ford

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