Ford Hybrid Sales up 73 Percent Year-to-Year

Amidst struggling auto sales, Ford is seeing some success with its hybrid models. Thanks to the introduction of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid and 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid, Ford’s hybrid sales are up 73 percent over the same period last year.

With fuel economy ratings of 41/36 mpg (city/hwy), it’s hard to pass up Ford’s reasonably priced new Fusion and Milan Hybrids. Consumers agree. The two midsize sedan hybrids are electrifying Ford’s hybrid sales by enticing owners of non-Ford vehicles to take a look at Ford.

“Hybrid customers are increasingly considering Ford,” said David Finnegan, Ford’s hybrid marketing manager. “More than 60 percent of Fusion Hybrid sales have been from non-Ford owners, and more than half of those are customers coming from import brands, mostly from Toyota and Honda.”

In addition to drawing in new customers in with the Fusion and Milan Hybrids, the Escape and Mariner Hybrids have continued to prove their worth to both consumers and taxi drivers alike.More than2000 Escape Hybrids are in service as taxis in New York City. Each has accrued between 300 and 350,000 miles, and older models are starting to be replaced with brand-new Escape Hybrids.

“We’re extremely pleased with the performance of the Escape Hybrid in taxi service,” said Gerry Koss, Ford’s fleet marketing manager. “Not only have they proven very reliable, they’ve also saved taxi drivers money on gas and contributed to lower tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions in the cities that use them in taxi fleets.”

With Ford’s recent recommitment to producing various electrically powered vehicles and its steady increase in hybrid sales, it looks like Ford is set to become a major hybrid player in the near future.


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