Ford Debuts Fiesta S1600 134 PS in UK, Says Performance Fiestas in Our Future

Ford is releasing a hotter Fiesta in the UK but, this time, North American enthusiasts might not be completely left out when it comes to a more sporty Fiesta.

The new British Ford is called the Fiesta S1600 134 PS. Limited to just 500 units, the special edition model is a three-door hatchback with a more powerful version of the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine inside the U.S.-spec Fiesta. Over here, the engine makes 120 horsepower and 112 pound-feet of torque. In the S1600 134 PS, it makes roughly 132 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque. Those aren’t big increases but, in a car as light as the Fiesta, you don’t necessarily need 200 horsepower for a good time. Ford quotes a 0-60 mph time of 8.2 seconds, 1.7 seconds quicker than a Zetec S model.

The car is offered in white with blue stripes or blue with white stripes. White 17-inch alloys and a body kit complete the eye-catching visual upgrades. Inside, drivers will enjoy leather sport seats, a leather steering wheel and gear knob, and special floor mats and scuff plates.

It all sounds good, but what chance do we have of ever seeing a hotter Fiesta? We asked Ford what the future holds for the Fiesta.

“There are future performance-oriented models intended for North America,” said Richard Truett, Ford’s powertrain communications manager. “We are definitely going to be in that market.”

Truett wouldn’t confirm any power boosts for the 1.6-liter engine in the U.S., but reminded us of the upcoming Fiesta powered by an EcoBoost engine.

In its first year in the U.S., 23,273 Fiestas were sold, though that wasn’t a complete year of sales. In January, 4270 units were sold, more than the Mustang, Taurus, and Crown Victoria but less than the Focus or Fusion.

What do you think: At what price would you be interested in a hotter version of the 2011 Ford Fiesta?

Source: Ford


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