Ford Could Bring 305-hp Focus RS to U.S. in 2011

When Ford unveiled the 2009 Ford Focus RS that would be sold in Europe we were jealous, but not surprised. Europeans have been getting better-looking, higher quality Foci for years. However, in late 2010 we will finally get the same Focus as the Europeans and that could include the hottest hatchback in the line: the 305-hp Focus RS.

The news comes from a chat that AutoWeek had with Hermann Salenbauch, Ford Motor *** director of advanced product creation and global performance. Salenbauch says the company will decide whether or not to sell the Focus RS here based on the reaction from U.S. car enthusiasts, such as Focus SVT owners.

Ford will seek feedback from both media and customers to see if this is the car they really want. “We are pretty confident that it is” said Salenbauch.

The restyled Focus that will replace the current model in the U.S. in 2010 will be built here as well. The U.S.-spec RS would be based on that model, although Salenbauch did not say when it would arrive.

Focus SVT owners have been longing for a high-performance Focus since the SVT model was discontinued in 2004. We can only hope that Ford receives the response it needs to offer a hot hatch to U.S. customers once again.

Source: AutoWeek