Ford CEO says Automaker will Stick with Small Cars

Though the company’s ad dollars are presently being spent on promoting its latest full-size pickup, Ford CEO Alan Mulally says the company is still focused on bringing smaller, fuel-efficient cars to market.

After the recent drop in gasoline prices, some analysts thought that Ford might shift its focus back to pickups and other less fuel efficient models. These suspicions were supported when advertisements for Ford’s 2009 F-150 were shown during commercial breaks for recent football games. Ford says that it will be sticking with its current game plan, which includes introducing the European Focus and Fiesta to the U.S. market beginning in 2010.

Lower gas prices could impact both vehicles’ launches if people resume buying larger vehicles, but Mulally is confident they’ll resonate in the U.S. nonetheless.

“[Fuel] prices are going to stay relatively high,” he said, “even though they’re down right now,”

Mulally continued by saying that the company’s small and medium cars and the company’s larger vehicles like the F-150 would complement each other.

Source: Automotive News


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