Ford Ad Campaign Spawns Lawsuit

On March 3, Ford launched a new ad campaign for its Ford Fusion that drew the ire of parts dealer Frank’s Auto Supply – so much so that it has filed a lawsuit against Ford.

The Ford campaign, “We Speak Car”, was launched during an episode of American Idol that aired on March 3 to promote the 2010 Ford Fusion. Frank’s, however, claims that it has been using the tagline “We Speak Car” since June 8, 2003. Frank’s also says that it owns the Web site domain name

Frank’s filed a complaint last Friday in U.S. District court, accusing Ford of unfair competition under the Federal Trademark Act. It claims that Ford has spent between $60 and $80 million on the “We Speak Car” campaign.

The Uniontown, Pennsylvania parts dealer wants a federal judge to order Ford to stop using the slogan, and is seeking unspecified damages.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette