Focus on Incentives: Ford Focus EV Lease Offered with $10,750 Cash Back

Potential electric car buyers now have another impossible-to-ignore EV deal in the form of the Ford Focus Electric. The EV hatchback is being offered in certain areas with $10,750 cash back on leased Focus Electrics, meaning that Nissan Leaf deals now have some serious competition.

A 36-month lease on a 2013 Ford Focus Electric is set at $249 a month with $2138 due at signing (for those who qualify) in Southern California, and Nissan remains aggressive with Leaf offers before the 2013 model reaches dealerships. Through the end of January, a 2012 Leaf can be leased for $219 a month with $1999 due at signing — a deal that includes a $9450 rebate. For comparison, through February 4, the regular 2012 Toyota Prius can be leased for 36 months at $229 a month with $2499 due at signing. If you’d prefer to drive a Focus Electric for longer than three years, Ford is also offering 0 percent APR for 60 months with $2000 in incentives.

The electrified Focus was initially available in select markets before starting a nationwide rollout toward the end of 2012. While the Ford’s EPA-rated range is 76 miles, the pre-refresh Nissan is rated at 73 miles. In a First Drive of the Focus Electric, we noted that the Leaf’s battery intrudes less on passenger and cargo room, but the Ford could be charged quicker.

In an Editor’s Notebook article on the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, despite the limited range and wide turning circle, we were overall impressed.

“The Focus Electric drives very much like a standard Focus, which is a very good thing,” Joe DeMatio wrote. “The steering is crisp and communicative, the brake pedal feel is pretty conventional, and, of course, the torquey off-the-line acceleration is fabulous, just as it is in all electric vehicles.

Like the Focus Electric and Leaf, the Chevrolet Volt has been offered with amazing deals to keep buyers interested. If you were considering the lease of a regular 2012 Toyota Prius, would a similarly priced 2013 Ford Focus Electric or 2012 Nissan Leaf catch your attention? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Ford

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