First Truly Swedish Saab Convertible Rolls off Assembly Line

Believe it or not, today marked the first SwedishSaab convertible rolling off an assembly line. All previousSaabconvertibles have been manufactured outside Sweden.

Under a plan set in 2009, Saab executives decided to have all 9-3 and 9-5 models built in Sweden. In the past, all Saab convertibles were manufactured by either Valmet in Finland or Magna in Austria. The likely limited number of Swedish-built Saab convertibles could make for a quirky collectors item.

Rumors are circulating that General Motors executives will decide Saab’s fate within the next 48 hours. With 2010 model yearproduction in Trollhättan just starting yesterday, the workers could soon be out ofa job. Although it has several offers on the table to buy Saab, GM isn’t budging on its wind-down processes, saying none of the offers is worthwhile.

Source: Autocar


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