First Six Stations of Tesla European Supercharger Network Opened in Norway

With European sales starting this summer, Tesla is making the transition to becoming a truly global automaker. One of the key differentiators Tesla has relative to other automakers, or even other EV makers, is its network of high-speed Supercharger stations. Currently clustered primarily in California and New England, the company has ambitious plans over the next few years to build a nationwide network. A few days ago, Tesla kicked off its European Supercharger network with the opening of six stations in EV-friendly Norway.

At first glance, Norway may seem like an odd country to start expansion

into the European market, as it’s not a member of the European Union, and is relatively sparsely populated, with only about 5 million people in a country almost as large as the state of California. But the country has very favorable policies for electric vehicles, and on a per-capita basis, has the largest proportion of EVs of any country in the world.

The Superchargers are strategically located on some of the country’s most-traveled routes. Tesla claims the location of its Superchargers puts them within less than 200 miles of 90 percent of the country’s population. To kick off the opening of the new stations, three Model S’ departed from different parts of the country, converging in the capital of Oslo. The event was documented on the Tesla Facebook page, and new European Twitter account @Tesla_Europe with the hashtag #EuroSupercharger.