First Look at 2009 Williams-Toyota FW31 Formula One Car

With the 2009 Formula One season fast approaching, Williams-Toyota debuted its 2009 entry, the FW31, at the Algarve Motor Park.

Williams has a storied history in Formula One, having won seven Drivers’ Championships and nine Constructors’ Championships many years ago. This year, Williams is hoping to regain the top spot with its first clean-sheet design in over thirty years.

The 2009 Williams-Toyota FW31 features all the necessary upgrades to comply with the 2009 season rules and aerodynamic changes. The changes from the 2008 FW30 are immediately apparent with the resurgence of slick tires, the smaller rear spoiler, and the wider front wing.

The team remains quiet about most specifications on the car, as its first track day was purely to make sure the car was working properly. The FW31 is powered by the same 2.4-liter V-8 that powered the Toyota TF109. We do know that the teams KERS device will be a mechanical flywheel instead of the battery/super-capacitor system most teams will be using.

The team technical director, Sam Michael, says the KERS device won’t be much of a factor in 2009, claiming that the biggest change will come from the aerodynamics. He did say that in the future, once teams have the aerodynamics figured out and KERS power limitations have been increased, it will be necessary to use KERS to win races.


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