First Electric Grand Prix Street Course Planned in France

Although we’ve seen hybrid systems come into play in Formula One and electric motorcycles race in the TTXGP, a new event in Levallois, France, promises to be the first all-electric “grand prix.”

This June, organizers of the appropriately named GP Elec Levallois plan on letting a number of electric cars — ranging from Tesla Roadsters to homemade EV conversions — loose on a street course within the city. The route, which is approximately 1.8 miles long, has eight corners, a tunnel, and an 800-meter straightaway.

After each race, spectators will be able to see the cars in person, as the grand prix will host a Sustainable Mobility Salon to promote electric vehicles. The show will give the public a chance to learn more about the electrification of cars, environmental concerns behind the switch to electric propulsion, and other innovations in transportation. In addition to providing information, the salon plans to offer events like electric go-karting so children and adults can experience an EV firsthand.

Look for the first GP Elec Levallois to take place June 4-6.

Source: Green Car Congress