Fiat Chooses Bianco, Rosso, and Grigio as Official Colors of Prima Edizione 500

Fiat announced on Facebook that the official colors of the Prima Edizione 500 will be Bianco, Rosso, and Grigio.

Whether you choose the white, red, or gray Fiat 500, each will sport complex alloy wheels from the 500 Sport and a prominent black stripe starting at the headlights, making its way below the side windows to the rear of the car. The number 500 appears in the body color just above the taillights.

It appears the Prima Edizione — just 500 units, of course — will have a black roof (with the optional sunroof, perhaps) and black rear spoiler for added visual appeal. No more reservations are being taken for the special edition car at this point and Fiat’s Web site says 0 vehicles are available.

Once early adopters get their 500s, we’re eager to see when supply will catch up with demand. Chrysler has said it wants dealerships in 36 states and Puerto Rico. By 2013, a convertible, high-roof four-door hatchback, and Abarth variant are planned for the 500 lineup.

The Fiat Prima Edizione 500 will be powered by a 1.4-liter MultiAir four-cylinder engine and use a five-speed manual transmission. In which color (if any) do you prefer the 500: white, red, or gray?

Source: Fiat

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