Report: Ferrari’s Next Supercar Still Rumored To Be Called F150

The Ferrari Enzo replacement was expected to be named F70 when it debuts this spring, but a new report suggests that the Italian automaker will use F150, the project’s internal code, for its new supercar. That report comes courtesy of Car, which cites a recent issue of the automaker’s official magazine, which repeatedly refers to the car as the F150.

As we’ve long heard, the Ferrari F150 will be powered by a 6.3-liter V-12 producing around 730-hp and F1-style HY-KERS system that is expected to boost the supercar an additional 120 hp to give the sub-2500 pound supercar more than 800 hp. Like past Ferrari supercars, the F150’s drivetrain will be mounted aft of the driver and power the rear wheels. The report suggests that the F150 will hit 62 mph in less than 2.5 seconds, while the HY-KERS system will improve the 0-124 mph time by 10 percent. Expect the supercar to have a top speed of more than 200 mph.

The HY-KERS system, including the electric motor, battery pack, and associated hardware is expected to add about 263 pounds to the F150, while reducing carbon emissions by as much as 40 percent. Overall vehicle weight is kept in check by a carbon fiber and Kevlar body shell, which the automaker claims is 20 percent lighter and 22 percent stiffer than the Enzo.

Ferrari was able to keep the F150’s cabin trim thanks to a fixed driver’s seat fitted to the driver with adjustable steering wheel and pedal box – much like the Saleen S7 supercar from the 2000s. A double-bubble roof leaves room for a helmet for track days. Overall, the F150 is expected to offer a similar footprint as the V-8 powered 458 Italia even with the larger engine and HY-KERS system. The fuel tank and are battery pack is set low, just behind the cockpit to keep the center of gravity low and toward the middle of the car.

Like the Enzo, the F150’s styling will be heavily influenced by Ferrari’s latest F1 cars with a wide front air intake and raised snout in the center of the hood. All of the panels have been pulled in tight to keep the supercar compact and aerodynamic. While heavily camouflaged F150 mules have been spotted and a few teaser images of the have been released, don’t expect too many of the supercar’s cosmetic features revealed before its official debut this spring.

But there’s still the issue of that name. Despite these new rumors adding fuel to the speculation the car will go on sale with the F150 moniker, we doubt it’s little more than an internal program code. It’d be hard to use that as a public trademark as, of course, Ford already uses it for its half-ton pickup – and, as Ferrari learned last year, is quick to defend it in court. When Ferrari’s F1 team announced it would dub an F1 racing car the F150, Ford’s lawyers quickly filed suit, forcing Ferrari to rename the car the F 150th Italia.

The official name won’t be revealed until the debut this spring and until we get confirmation from the automaker, F150 is likely still being used as the internal code. Regardless of what the Italian automaker names its upcoming supercar, it hasn’t stopped the automaker from selling all 400 examples of the Ferrari F150 – each with a price tag rumored to be over the $1 million mark — before its official debut.

Source: Car