Ferrari’s Sights Set on Bugatti Veyron for Enzo Replacement

Ferrari’s original Enzo was a performance showcase, utilizing technology straight out of Formula 1. With a 651-horsepower V12 encased in a full carbon-fiber body, the Enzo had no real competition back in its day. But since then, other supercars from Bugatti, Koenigsegg and SSC have come along to steal the Enzo’s thunder. Apparently, Ferrari has decided it’s been without an ultimate performance machine for long enough, as Autocar reports that the company plans to take on the Bugatti Veyron with its next Enzo.

According to Autocar, the Enzo’s replacement is due sometime between 2012 and 2013, and like its predecessor is expected to make use of a carbon-fiber monocoque body. The body will probably also feature Ferrari’s next generation of active aerodynamics, which will pump air across different parts of the body to alter the airflow around the car. Instead of the high-displacement naturally-aspirated V12, a twin-turbocharged V8 with direct injection could be in the cards. Ferrari’s next Enzo will be the company’s flagship car, topping a lineup of already fast and exclusive sports cars.

As the performance benchmark for all supercars, it will take a lot to top the Veyron. But if any manufacturer is up to the task, it’s Ferrari. With a history rooted in competition, Ferrari doesn’t take losing lightly — especially when its reputation is on the line.

Source: Autocar