Ferrari to focus more on Sound, Less on Speed

In future models, Ferrari intends to focus less on the speed and performance of its vehicles, and more on the “special rewards” that the cars bring their customers.

At least that is what Vice-General Manager Amedeo Felisa, told Autocar at the Geneva auto show. Felisa says “People are changing their minds about Ferraris. We need to go in the direction of customer needs and utilisation of our cars.”

Felisa hinted that the customers are looking for more noise, feel, and drama rather than raw performance. The upcoming F450, replacement for the current F430, will be the first example of the new policy.

Thankfully Felisa admitted that the company is not planning to purse models other than sports cars and GTs. (We’ve seen sketches of Ferrari SUV concepts, and it wouldn’t be pretty.) The Italian automaker also has no intention to enter different market segments or alter its pricing or positioning.

However, the company does plan to continue working on new and innovative powertain technologies. Could this mean a gasoline-electric hybrid Ferrari is in our future? Maybe, but don’t expect any production examples featuring these new powertrains until 2015.

Source: Autocar


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