Ferrari Offers Free Roadside Assistance on Vintage Models

Beginning today, Ferrari owners in Italy can register for free roadside assistance for their vintage exotics under Ferrari’s new “With You” program.

Roadside assistance programs aren’t anything new, but the “With You” program takes customer service to a new level. “With You” will not only provide roadside assistance, but will cover towing, travel costs, and hotel stays incurred as a result of a stranded vehicle.

Perhaps most interesting is how Ferrari is offering the service. “With You” is offered to owners of any out-of-warranty Ferrari, including models built back through 1947. Owners receive the first twelve months of service free of charge, and we’ve not yet heard details of subsequent charges.

So far, the program has only been launched in Italy, but Ferrari plans on expanding “With You” to other European countries (England is next on the list). Unfortunately, it seems the firm doesn’t plan to offer a similar program here in the U.S.

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