Ferrari (Finally) Confirms Enzo Replacement for Geneva Motor Show

Guys, we promise it’s real this time: after a (very) long period of speculation and one false alarm, we’ve heard that Ferrari’s replacement for the Enzo is headed to the Geneva Motor Show.

The confirmation comes courtesy of Ferrari’s press site, which states that a “limited edition special series car” is headed to Geneva. That’s the exact wording Ferrari used to talk about its carbon fiber tub concept from last year’s Paris Motor Show, which means all signs point to this car being the new Enzo. It doesn’t help, of course, that Ferrari has steadily leaked and teased a new hypercar for ages.

Ferrari’s official announcement comes a short time after an Instagram account claiming to be Ferrari posted a teaser shot and a strangely worded confirmation. It was later uncovered that posting was a hoax, as Ferrari itself does not even maintain an official presence on Instagram. This time around, Ferrari’s release was a quick paragraph and the photo you see above, a prancing horse badge on what appears to be the car’s front clip.

As for the car, here’s everything we know so far about the vehicle: We’ve heard an endless amount of scuttlebutt regarding the car’s name, which could be F70 or F150 in deference to Ferrari’s F1 naming protocol. Regardless of what moniker ultimately appears on the car, it’s a safe bet the next ultra-Ferrari will use the latest iteration of Ferrari’s HY-KERS hybrid system, which pairs a V-12 engine with an electric motor. Reports are divided as to whether the combined system output will be 850 hp (730 hp from the V-12, 120 hp from the motor) or 920 hp (800 hp from the V-12, 120 hp from the motor), but it’ll be enough power to ruffle some feathers at McLaren (whose rival P1 promises 903 hp).

The F150 will get most of its speed from that sheer power, but it helps that Ferrari engineers are keeping the car’s curb weight very low — perhaps at or below 2500 poundsthanks to an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tub. 0-62 mph times will be around 2.5 seconds, and the car will top out somewhere above 200 mph.

That’s a recipe for one fast car, but it also appears to be a recipe for a successful one—Ferrari will only make 400 copies of the F150, and has already sold all of them at a cost of at least $1 million each. Nobody said that getting your hands on one would be easy.

Source: Ferrari

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