Ferrari Creates F1-Inspired 599HGTE 60F1 Package

Ferrari’s not having a great month in Formula 1–it didn’t win the 2011 Driver’s or Constructor’s trophy, and it’s on the outs with fellow teams over a proposed budget cap. But all this is small talk for the giants in Maranello–Ferrari has launched a special edition 599 that celebrates 60 years of winning races in F1.
The car is called the 599HGTE 60F1, which is a long combination of numbers and letters. But it means something: the HGTE signifies that the 599 has the special handling package, and the 60F1 stands for–you guessed it–60 years of Formula 1 racing. 60 years ago, Ferrari scored its first F1 victory when Jose Froilan Gonzalez won the British Grand Prix, and just this year, Fernando Alonso scored a win for Scuderia Ferrari at the very same track. In the last 60 years, Ferrari has won 216 of the 830 races it’s started, scored 16 Constructors’ Championships, and 15 Drivers’ Championships.
Numbers like these deserve celebration, of course, so the hot-handling 599 gets a slew of little visual modifications. There are three packages: the F150 Italia package will get you a white front bumper, A-pillar, and flying buttresses, as well as a red, white, and green treatment on the rear spoiler. The red, of course, is the signature shade of rosso that graced Alonso’s F150 car this past year. If that’s too much, the F150 2 package turns down the white (leaving it on the front bumper only) and eliminates the three-color lip spoiler.
True throwback fans will love the 375 F1 package, which goes for the same shade of red the scuderia used on Gonzalez’s car back in the 50’s.
On the inside, the car gets red and blue safety belts with the Ferrari logo, and the black alcantara seats are emblazoned with the prancing horse badge. The dash is also trimmed with a fiberglass/metal blend called Alutex, which is the coolest-sounding composite we’ve heard since carbotanium.
How much will all this cost you? Quite a lot, of course: Auto Express estimates the whole package will run you 245,000 British pounds, or around $383,180. On the other hand, Ferrari knows that for its racing fan owners, it’s hard to put a price on success.
Sources: Auto Express, Ferrari

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