Ferrari 599 HGTE Package Now Available as a Dealer Accessory

For those who have already purchased a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano or don’t wish to give up their spot on the substantial waitlist, Ferrari released a dealer installed HGTE option.

Two different versions of the HGTE package are available, depending on the year of the vehicle. For 599 GTBs built before 2008, the HGTE package includes the handling, exhaust, and aesthetic kits. For post-2008 vehicles, the dealer HGTE package includes all three of the pre-2008 parts plus a performance kit.

Ordering the dealer installed HGTE package nets you the same setup as on the factory 599 HGTE. As part of it, the suspension is lowered 10 mm with recalibrated Sport and Race suspension configurations. The springs are also replaced with stiffer units as well as the rear anti-roll bar.

As part of the aesthetic and handling part of the package, the stock wheels are replaced with lighter, 3-piece forged units with grippier tires to aid traction. The rest of the aesthetic kits includes a new design chromatic grill and burnished finish Prancing Horse emblems.

Rounding out the HGTE package is an enhanced exhaust system and performance package. Unfortunately for those that ordered their 599 with a third pedal, the performance package cannot be added to manual transmission models or pre-2008 models. But, included in the performance kit is enhanced F1 gearshift actuation, which improves shift times to 85 milliseconds and a remapped throttle response. The enhanced is exhaust includes new silencers and two-tone finish tailpipes.

The dealer installed HGTE package is available from any U.S. Ferrari dealership and costs £17,213 ($28,300) for pre-2008 vehicles and £19,703 ($32,400) for post-2008 vehicles.


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2009 Ferrari 599

MSRP $310,543 GTB Fiorano Coupe


11 City / 15 Hwy

Horse Power:

620 @ 7600


448 @ 5600

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