Feature Flicks: Ron Burgundy Disapproves of Dirty Dancers on Durango Set

We have to admit we were a little skeptical when we first heard of the tie-up between Ron Burgundy and the 2014 Dodge Durango. But after seeing the spots, and Will Ferrell’s trademark anachronistic, politically-incorrect portrayal of the television personality, we came to appreciate the unconventional campaign. Now, the Anchorman is back at it again, this time, refusing to share the spotlight with professional dancers on stage with the Durango.

The first one starts out with Burgundy saying, “Power, Precision, Elegance…sometimes the luxurious things in life…” apparently unaware of the dancers on the opposite side of the Durango. Suddenly, Burgundy angrily chases them off, saying “Hey! What are you doing? Get out of here!” He then says, “There’s nothing that ticks me off than a bunch of dirty, irresponsible dancers dancing in front of my Dodge Durango!”

In a follow-up video, the “dirty” dancers try sneaking back out onto the sound stage, thinking they’re away from Burgundy’s critical eye, when he suddenly pops out of the back door of the Durango and shoos them off again. If there was any question whether the Burgundy Durango spots would be a YouTube hit, the views well into the six figures in the course of a week suggest that the campaign is being noticed. Whether or not that’s translating into showroom traffic in dealerships remains to be seen, but if consumers are at least remembering the name and association with the Durango, that’s ultimately what advertising is about, right?

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