Feature Flicks: Kia Shows the Miracle of Birth; Mercedes-Benz Deals With the Devil

The Super Bowl kicks off in four days, and two more automakers have stepped up and posted their full big-game ads to YouTube. While we’re lumping the efforts by Kia and Mercedes-Benz into one post, the two ads really couldn’t be any more different.

We knew from previews that the Kia ad was going to have something to do with babies and space, and the final cut shows just that. We watch a dad field one of parenting’s toughest questions–where do babies come from?–while driving his new 2014 Sorento; instead of just telling the truth, dad weaves a fantastic tale of babies living on their own planet (Babylandia) and boarding rocket ships for a nine-month voyage to meet mommy and daddy. This being an ad airing during a football game, there’s plenty of double entendres (hints, really, at how babies are actually made). When the son calls the dad’s bluff, he enlists Kia’s Uvo infotainment system to help out.

So the Kia ad is a bit strange and a bit cute; Mercedes-Benz’s ad is a little darker and a lot more overtly sexy. Willem Dafoe plays the devil (in one of the best casting decisions of 2013), who shows a twenty something man the kind of fame and fortune that comes with owning a Mercedes-Benz CLA250…for the low price of one soul. As promised, there are cameos by Kate Upton and Usher, as well as a racing driver that looks a little like Nico Rossberg, and it turns out that Mercedes would prefer you purchase or lease your CLA with cash or financing, not a deal with il divo. Darn. Luckily, the CLA will start at $29,990 without destination.

Take a look at the videos below and let us know what you think.

Source: YouTube

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