Feature Flicks: Chevrolet Sonic Has Artistic (Robotic) Hand, Camaro5 Fest Teased

As the new kid on the subcompact block, the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic had to prove itself. It went skydiving, bungee jumping, and performed an awesome kick flip. Now it’s time for the car to show off its artistic side in a new ad, while Chevrolet has also released video previewing what Camaro owners can expect at the next Camaro5 Fest.

Street artist Jeff Soto and the Sonic form a one-of-a-kind art collaboration, as both transform a barren brick wall into a colorful mural. It appears that laying down the groundwork for the mural is the Sonic’s job, but then again the Sonic has one thing Jeff doesn’t – robotic arms. The same robotic arms on the car assembly line are installed in the front passenger seat and the trunk of the Sonic, and it turns out they have quite an artistic touch. The robot arm does things Soto can’t do, like “draw super precise,” while he takes charge of the “messy, crazy, off-the-cuff, random stuff.”

Chevrolet has also released video of the 2011 Camaro 5fest to get enthusiasts amped up for the 2012 Camaro5 Fest event on August 2-4 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Last year, 150 fifth-generation Chevy Camaros caravanned all the way to Phoenix, Arizona, where owners showed off the flexing power of their Camaros.

Check out both videos below.

Click here for video

Click here for video

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