Feature Flick: Will the Renault Twizy Electric Car Drift?

You might say the words “fun” and “EV” are two mutually exclusive concepts today. But the guys at Autocar just couldn’t resist putting that idea to the test in this video, where they drift a 17-hp Renault Twizy electric car at the track.

At first glance, the odds seem stacked against the pint-sized Renault. The Twizy is the type of electric vehicle that likely wouldn’t fare too well here in the ’States, as it’s little more than a two-seater the size of a golf cart packing a lithium-ion battery pack and 17-hp electric motor. Not all is lost though; like the Mitsubishi i, the Renault Twizy is rear-wheel drive.

So will it drift? Place your bets and check out the video below. What other cars’ drifting capabilities have you wondered about? Sign off in the comments below.

Click here for video

Source: YouTube

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