Feature Flick: Watch a Hennessey Venom GT Do 230 MPH With Traction Control On

If your car made about 1200 horsepower, you’d probably want to make sure that you had some form of traction control, right? Tuning legend John Hennessey agrees: during traction control testing for his Venom GT hypercar he shot this video, which clearly shows that it’s possible for the Venom to hit 230 mph in mere seconds – even with the electronic safety nannies turned on.

The video–just a shade under two minutes–features the types of things nearly every other Hennessey video does: a very, very fast car (in this case, the Hennessey Venom GT), a clear stretch of road/runway, and a bonsai acceleration run to a speed many times over the legal limit. This time, the Venom GT hit 100 mph in 5.91 seconds (about the time it takes a BMW 328i to get to 60), 200 mph in 15.22 seconds (about the time it takes that 328i to get to 100), and 230 mph in 19.96 seconds, about the amount of time it would take to read the first paragraph of this post out loud. Hennessey says it took the Venom GT under 4000 feet of runway (and only five of its six gears) to hit 230.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Source: Hennessey via YouTube

Click here for video

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