Feature Flick: Volvo Trucks Perform “The Epic Split”

Another crazy stunt from Volvo Trucks.

Volvo’s Truck Division has been releasing some wild videos lately, and the latest clip may be the best one yet. Starring French actor and martial arts master Jean-Claude Van Damme, this commercial is called “The Epic Split” and is meant to highlight the steering system on its new Volvo FM trucks.

As soothing music by Enya plays, two Volvo Trucks drive backwards adjacent to each other. Perched in between the trucks with one leg on each rearview mirror is Van Damme. As the trucks slowly start to inch apart, Van Damme lowers into an impressive split, bridging the growing gap between the two Volvo Trucks. It’s quite the display of impressive physical strength and flexibility, as well as precision driving.

Volvo Trucks says that the new Dynamic Steering system makes the Volvo FM trucks easier to drive and gives the driver more precise control over the steering. In previous video stunts, Volvo has highlighted this same steering system along with other features of its trucks like an extra-strong front tow hook. In one video, a Volvo truck was chased by a herd of angry bulls through narrow city streets. Another suspended a Volvo truck from a crane in a port in Sweden with Volvo Trucks president Claes Nilsson standing on top of the truck. The other video highlighting Dynamic Steering put a hamster wheel onto the steering wheel and allowed the hamster to steer the truck out of a quarry.

Check out the “Epic Split” video below and prepare to be impressed.

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