Feature Flick: Volvo Truck President Demonstrates Faith In FMX

High-flying Volvo stunt.

How best to demonstrate the strength of your new commercial truck? Volvo Trucks president Claes Nilsson chose to literally put it all on the line in a new video promoting the Volvo FMX truck range.

The video shows Nilsson standing atop a Volvo FMX truck, which is suspended from a crane in the port of Gothernberg, Sweden. Nilsson holds up the cast-iron front tow hook from a Volvo FMX truck and explains, “It holds up to 32 tonnes [70,500 pounds]. That’s far more than this, so you don’t need to worry.” As the camera pulls out, we see Nilsson and a sound engineer atop a Volvo FMX truck that is suspended from a crane above the port. Volvo Trucks asserts the video was filmed without the use of any computer-generated imagery or other trickery — a real testament to Nilsson’s faith in his trucks.

The Volvo FMX truck line can be equipped with a 10.8- or 12.8-liter turbodiesel inline-six engine, with power ratings ranging from 330 hp and 1180 lb-ft of torque all the way to 540 hp and 1917 lb-ft. Transmission choices include a 12-speed semi- or fully-automatic, and a 14-speed manual.

Check out the high-flying stunt below. Volvo Trucks promises it will soon have more films to promote the FMX trucks, and we can only hope they’re as dramatic as this clip.

Source: YouTube