Feature Flick: Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Takes On America’s Heaviest Machinery

We often take it for granted but the United States is the land of bigger is better. Realizing this, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond has created a new show especially for American consumption. Dubbed Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, the show will feature the beloved Hamster crisscrossing the country learning how to drive America’s heaviest machinery.

The premiere episode will feature Hammond heading to Fort Bliss, Texas to learn how to drive, load, shoot, and command an Army M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank in just three days. In each episode, Richard Hammond has just three days to learn how to operate each of the mega-machines he takes on.

Check out the trailer below, which gives us a preview of the carnage we can expect when the Hamster gets behind the controls of a tank, compactors, fire trucks and more. Not to mention it also gives us a peek of what could happen if Hammond gets in over his head in the colonies in trying to learn how to operate the American heavy machinery.

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course will debut Monday, April 16 at 10:00 pm ET/PT, right after BBC America gives us a ‘new’ season of the original Top Gear. Check out the very funny trailer for yourself below.

Click here for video

Source: BBC America, YouTube

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