Feature Flick: Top Gear Pushes a Discharged Nissan Leaf

The boys at the BBC’s Top Gear have been spotted driving electric cars near the University of Lincoln in England — except rather than driving a Nissan Leaf, the presenters and nearby students were forced to push it.

According to local newspaper The Lincolnite, the Leaf’s batteries ran out of power and presenter James May was forced to push the car to the nearby university, where it was plugged in and recharged. While it’s true that electric cars like the Leaf have a short range, we wonder if this Top Gear segment might rile Nissan’s public relations department for its harsh depictions of the Leaf’s real-world limitations.

Over two years ago, TG filmed a similar segment, which depicted the team pushing a Tesla Roadster after its batteries were discharged. Tesla filed a lawsuit for libel this March, claiming the scene was faked and that TG was trying to misrepresent the range and capabilities of electric cars. TG producer Andy Wilman refuted the claims, Tesla repeated its demands for “the truth” about electric cars, and the entire debacle is headed to the courts.

While we don’t know for certain whether this occasion was staged or a real reflection of the Nissan Leaf’s range, do you think it will incur the wrath of Nissan’s lawyers when it airs? Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Sources: YouTube, The Lincolnite

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