Feature Flick: Tony Hawk Jumps 2014 Mini Cooper S

Tony Hawk has a habit of jumping over stuff on his skateboard. He occasionally enjoys jumping over cars, such as the Lexus LFA supercar. In his latest leap, the skateboard legend soars over a speeding 2014 Mini Cooper S.

As Hawk races through a parking lot on his board, a 2014 MINI Cooper S hardtop comes chasing after him. Soon they’re headed right toward one another, and at the last moment Hawk goes flying off of a ramp and clear over the approaching Cooper S, which collides with the ramp. Hawk, of course, lands gracefully on the pavement.

The stunt was put on as a way to announce a new tie-up between Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards Tour and Mini. Hawk is himself already the owner of a Mini John Cooper Works Countryman nicknamed Maximillion, so he was already familiar with the Mini brand’s flavor of individuality and customization.

“Owning and driving a Mini is like skating and being a part of the skateboarding culture and community,” he said in a statement. “Mini and skating are about design and self-expression; they are about building a community around something that is otherwise very individual.”

The partnership will help create Mini-themed, limited-edition skateboards that will be auctioned off for charity and given away as prizes at future events. Mini will also support the Tony Hawk Foundation, which gives grants to underprivileged communities for building skateparks.

The 2014 Mini Cooper S is now on sale, with a starting price of $24,395 including destination fees.