Feature Flick: The Tesla Model S is 2013 Automobile of the Year

We know we’ve already announced it, but it bears repeating: the Tesla Model S is the 2013 Automobile Magazine Automobile of the Year. The car’s blend of electric-car smoothness and efficiency, gas-powered car range and power/torque, and sleek interior and exterior design won our hearts (and our votes) early last month during three days of testing in western Michigan, besting some 27 other competitors along the way…both on the road and at the track.

You can read more about the Tesla Model S — and the award — by clicking here, but we’ve also got a condensed, visual version, and it’s our Feature Flick this morning. Watch as road test editor Chris Nelson threads the Tesla Model S through Chicago traffic and explains each and every reason why we at Automobile love this car so much.

Click here for video

In addition to naming the Tesla Model S our Automobile of the Year, we gave out four more awards for Man, Technology, Design, and Racing Car of the Year. The Nissan DeltaWing enthralled us so much this year that we resurrected our old RCoY award just to give it to the futuristic, lightweight racer. The Porsche Boxster finally let its exterior curves and creases match its sporting character, finally making it the true 550 Spyder successor it was always supposed to be…and our Design of the Year winner. The 2013 Technology of the Year might be a generic one–cameras–but recent developments in technology have allowed the humble lens-and-sensor duo to save lives and prevent property damage while also being more reliable than equivalent radar/ultrasonic sensor setups. The 2013 Man of the Year–Chrysler/Fiat’s Sergio Marchionne–was a no-brainer. After spending years in turmoil with inconsistent products, Chrysler is finally back thanks to Marchionne’s dramatic (and occasionally controversial) turnaround.

And our award winners have good company: we’ve named about 90 men, technologies, designs, and automobiles over the past 22 years (the awards as we know them were created in 1990).

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