Feature Flick: The Maserati GranCabrio Sport’s V-8 Sings

Maybe you’re sitting at work counting the time until you get to leave, or secretly watching videos at your desk in hopes of passing the time. We’ve got just the thing: it’s a new promo video for the Maserati GranCabrio Sport convertible, and we promise you that you won’t get fired if you watch it, full volume, at your desk.

Ok, probably not. But after seeing what happens when one combines 450 hp, styling by Pininfarina, and a cherry red paint job, you’ll be wishing you earned more money. Heck, after listening to the sonorous Ferrari-derived 4.7-liter V-8 from this video, some fans might consider selling non-vital organs to pay for one. That’s a lot of kidneys: the starting price of the GranCabrio Sport is expected to be around $150,000.

Check out the video below. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Source: Maserati

Click here for video