Feature Flick: Tesla Trio of Model S Alpha Testers Hit the Track

The Tesla Model S sedan is something we’ve been hearing about for quite some time, making many think it was all just hopes and dreams. But Peter Rawlinson, vice president of vehicle engineering, has appeared in a series of tutorial videos highlighting some of the electric sedan’s unique features, proving it’s very real. Finally, we get to see the Model S alphas in action as three of them play together on the track.

These playful Beta cars mean Tesla has finally moved onto the second development stage of the electric sedan, and with plans to start production in the second quarter of 2012, let’s hope testing continues to go as smoothly as it does in the video.

The Model S has been the center of the electric hype, and more than 3000 reservations have been placed for the sedan so far in North American and Europe. When it goes on sale, it will start at $57,000 (before a $7500 federal tax credit)  for the 160-mile range battery pack – a 230-mile pack will run buyers $67,000, and the 300-mile range Model S will start at $77,000.

With its third row – the first in a sedan – the Model S may pose a serious threat to the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class, and the Porsche Panamera. But unfortunately, we can’t really see the interior in this video, which leaves how any person, or child, will fit back there, a mystery.

Source: Tesla Motors


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