Feature Flick: Tanner Foust Drifts a Ford Mustang

Foust sends the rear tires up in smoke.

We never tire of watching a Ford Mustang burn off its rear tires, and this new video featuring Tanner Foust indulges that insatiable craving. In the video, Foust slides a Mustang GT for the camera before touring Recaro’s performance seat factory.

After a few sideways laps around a race track, Foust discusses the importance of having a good seat in your performance car, explaining that a proper-fitting seat will allow you to get the most feedback. Next, the rally driver visits Recaro North America’s factory in Detroit to see how the seats are built. In the video, we see factory workers using steam to fit the upholstery to the hand-assembled seats, which appear to be the optional Recaros for the Shelby GT500.

Ford supplied some numbers regarding the take rate for Recaro seats across the lineup: 63 percent of GT500 convertible buyers opt for Recaros, while even more GT500 coupe buyers shell out for the hip-hugging units, at 74 percent. Curiously, only 72 percent of Boss 302 buyers choose the upgraded seats for their track-oriented Mustang, while the Focus ST enjoys the highest take rate, at 92 percent.

The video ends just as it began: with Foust creating plumes of tire smoke as he pitches a Mustang sideways. Check out the video below to get your fill of Mustang drift action.

Source: Recaro

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