Feature Flick: Swapping an El Camino Engine in a Parking Lot

In the 4th installment of Hot Rod’s “Roadkill,” Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger decide that Finnegan’s wife’s 1969 Chevrolet El Camino needs a new engine. But instead of just ordering a crate motor and doing the job in the garage, they decide to do things the fun way.

The duo ordered a 383-cubic-inch crate motor from Summit Racing and then decided to drive to Summit’s fully-stocked warehouse in Sparks, Nevada to pick it up. They decide to swap the engine in the parking lot figuring that they’ll save time since they’ll be able to walk in and out of the store to get parts instead of driving back and forth.

Of course, swapping an engine not an easy or pretty job. Things get messy and a all sorts of parts have to be taken out and put back in. And there’s always the risk of adverse weather conditions, time shortages, leaks, transmission blowups, and in this case, dog vomit. Find out how long it took Finnegan and Freiburger to finish the job in the video below!

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