Feature Flick: Suzuki Kizashi Plays in the Snow in Super Bowl Ad

Compared to the legions of Camrys and Accords, it’s pretty rare that you see a Suzuki Kizashi out on the road because consumers tend to overlook the brand when looking for a new car. But the Japanese automaker wants to change that and remind car buyers that it still exists. What better way to do that than to come out with a Super Bowl commercial?

Driving in the snow can sometimes cause mayhem, but apparently, not for the Kizashi. The ad highlights the midsize sedan’s all-wheel drive, which an Eskimo and his band of Husky dogs seem to enjoy much more than their sled. And why wouldn’t they? The Eskimo makes use of the Kizashi’s features like climate control and seat warmers, which he sets for his canine passenger, while he (and his dogs) bob their heads to the beat of the music

Amusing, but we doubt Suzukis will replaced dog sleds anytime soon — although turning the Iditarod into a wintry Kizashi spec-racing series sounds entertaining, if not impossible…

Source: YouTube

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