Feature Flick: Subaru WRX Is A Tree-Hugging Drifter

Recycling meets drifting.

Doubt that engine oil and recycling can be sexy? Valvoline begs to differ. A pair of new commercials for the company’s Nextgen 50-percent recycled engine oil attempts to appeal to car enthusiasts by showing something guaranteed to catch attention: a powerful tuner car drifting.

The 30- and 15-second “Tree Hugger” commercials show a Subaru WRX performing donuts around a tree in a desert. A voiceover explains that even though Valvoline Nextgen oil is 50 percent recycled, it’s still tested and formulated to the same exacting standards as other types of Valvoline engine oils. The implication: “Finally, performance meets environment,” intones the narrator. “We’ll make a tree hugger out of you yet.”

A behind-the-scenes video released on YouTube provides a look at how renowned director Jeff Zwart created the commercial. Coincidentally, Zwart, who is a seven-times Pikes Peak champion, was sponsored by Valvoline when he first began racing. The commercial also featured the talents of racing driver Rod Millen, as well as a blacked-out Porsche Cayenne camera car equipped with a big camera boom.

You can watch both versions of the Valvoline Nextgen commercial, as well as the behind-the-scenes clip, below.

Source: YouTube

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Click here for video

Behind The Scenes

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