Feature Flick: Skiing Behind a Bentley Continental GT

“Hold on tight!” suggests ski joring champion Franco Moro, but we’d strongly advise against trying this at home. This brief video shows Moro skiing behind a Bentley Continental GT in Switzerland.

The traditional sport of ski joring involves skiing behind a horse, but Moro apparently wanted more equine power. He elected to slide around Swiss snow banks behind a Continental GT, which comes equipped with a twin-turbocharged, 6.0-liter W-12 engine producing 567 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque.

The slushy, slippery conditions mean the Bentley doesn’t ever pick up much speed, but we’re sure that anyone skiing behind a 567-hp luxury car is less concerned about speed and more interested in staying upright. You can check out Moro’s ski joring antics in the video below.

Source: YouTube

Click here for video

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