Feature Flick: See and Hear the New Acura NSX On Track

Ever since it was shown officially at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, and even some time before that, as rumors were simmering about its development and existence, enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the return of the Acura NSX sports car. Honda is keeping the excitement level high for the new two-seater by slowly releasing details, photos and videos before its official production arrival. Here, we have the latest installment of the prolonged tease, a one-minute video compilation of the NSX testing at the track, along with audio of the new V-6.

After taking an eight-year hiatus, the new model is on track for a triumphant return ten model years after the original ended its production run. To show how far along development is on the new model, and perhaps to whet enthusiasts’ appetite for the new model, Acura has released a one-minute video of the prototype driving on the track. Going on the assumption that the engine noise in this video is authentic, any concerns about the hybrid V-6 powerplant lacking the character of its predecessor should be put to rest. The engine has an unmistakable throaty rasp at idle, and a determined growl at full whack.

The new NSX’s all-weather prowess is also hinted at with rainy driving footage, with a single rear and dual front electric motors adding to the propulsion provided by the potent V-6. Watch the footage of the NSX in action below!