Feature Flick: Scion Racer Ken Gushi on the FR-S Concept

Car enthusiasts either hate it, or love it. We’re talking about Scion FR-S concept that has many speed freaks anxious for official word on whether or not the car will make it to production. Some may hate it, after all the media attention it has been getting, yet nothing to show for it except a concept.  But Scion racer Ken Gushi can’t stop gushing about it.

Ken Gushi is best known for his skills driving a 2009 tC in the Formula Drift series, but hopes it won’t be long until he makes haste behind the wheel of the Scion FR-S in future drift series. This video offers a glimpse of ‘behind the scenes’ footage as the concept is put together. Meanwhile, Gushi talks about what would make this the ultimate drift car.

He points out its rear-wheel drive, and the wide and low stance as key factors that helps qualify it as a suitable drift car, not to mention he loves its overall sleek and aggressive appearance. His favorite part? The front end, in which Gushi says looks “super exotic,” pointing out the front opening and saying it looks like it’s “breathing a lot of air, because when you go fast, you need a lot of air.”

A design he says he’s never seen before, Gushi admits the car has a lot of emotional and sentimental value for him, reminding him of his very first drift car. His father taught him how to drift before he could even drive at just 13 years old, in the car that started the trend—the AE86 generation of the Toyota Corolla. The AE86 was the go-to car when drifting became popular, and was the most sought-after car for kids looking to drift in the canyons.

Find out what else Ken Gushi has to say about the Scion FR-S in the video below.

Source: Youtube

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