Feature Flick: Rob Dyrdek “Kickflips” a Chevy Sonic

Let’s face it — kids have an attention span as long as a Chevy Sonic, which is to say, not long at all. Perhaps that’s why Chevy has been upping its marketing game towards millennials by doing things that might actually interest them, like dropping a Sonic out of a plane and having one “bungee jump” off a stack of cargo containers in Long Beach, California. Chevy’s latest Sonic-related stunt came this past weekend with skateboarder Rob Dyrdek at the wheel, who decided that he was going to “kickflip” a Sonic.

Dyrdek’s no stranger to car-related antics – in his past he’s jumped a Subaru Rally car, teamed up with Ken Block for the hilarious Gymkhana 2.1, and also gotten together with drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. to grind a Ford Mustang drift car. Kickflipping a Chevy Sonic is Dyrdek’s latest attempt at hybridizing skateboarding and stunt driving. Check out the video of Dyrdek below.

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This may be something Chevy thinks resonates with millennials, but here’s the irony: it also wowed baby boomers years ago. The jump was engineered (and patented) by researchers at the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, and used both within a James Bond film and by a traveling stunt show — both of which, ironically, used American Motors products to perform the stunt. We’ve included a few classic examples of the stunt to show that it’s not just for the kids, after all.

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Source: YouTube

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