Feature Flick: Renault Twingo R.S. Knocks Over Giant Bowling Pins

The Renault Twingo R.S. shouldn’t quit its day job. The small car preps for not the racing lanes but the bowling lanes in hopes of mowing down giant bowling pins for a winning strike.

As part of a marketing campaign, Renault Sport let its Facebook fans choose different challenges for the Twingo R.S., with one fan choosing a bowling match. The Twingo doubles as a bowling ball as it maneuvers through a slalom of concrete pillars in an underground garage before it plows tail-first into 10 massive bowling pins.

It’s not quite the lucky strike it had hoped for, though. The Twingo is forced to mark down a spare on the score sheet, but it’s given a second chance. Will it get a strike? Find out in the video below.

Source: YouTube

Click here for video

Click here for video

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