Feature Flick: Renault Debuts Euro Version of Electric Life Ad, And Some Real-Life Gas Gizmos

Earlier this week we showed you Nissan’s clever new Leaf commercial, “Gas Powered Everything,” that takes you through a day at the office with everyday appliances powered by gasoline instead of electricity. Today, we bring you Nissan’s partner company, Renault’s version of the ad. Called “The Electric Life,” it features its electric Zoe Preview concept car and dives further into the issue: would gasoline-powered appliances really be that bad?

The Renault Z.E. (Renault-speak for “Zero Emission,” its electric car program) ad shares the same concept as the Nissan Leaf spot: what would a day be like if everything we used was powered by gasoline instead of electricity? The results can be quite entertaining.

The Z.E. commercial starts in the bathroom of all places, with a man shaving with a gas-powered razor and a woman blow-drying her hair, all the while exhaust is spewing out all over the bathroom.  The ad continues in the workplace with a computer having to be started by turning a key and a frankly, quite awesome V-8-powered copier with dual chrome pipes popping out.

The Renault commercial continues through other everyday situations; cooking in the kitchen, watching TV, and playing with toys. The advertisement even features a diesel-powered vending machine belching out smoke and sounding its horn in a quiet library.

Throughout the whole ad, Renault goes through great length to show how ridiculous gasoline powered appliances can seem, asking at the end of the ad, “You already switched to electricity for many things, so why not for traveling?”

Renault (and Nissan) make some valid points in their respective commercials, gasoline-powered appliances have had their place in society, whether it’s just for fun or for something a bit more serious. However, given the choice say, between a conventional electric-powered copier and a V-8 powered one, we know which one we’d take. Do you?

Source: YouTube, Renault

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