Feature Flick: Red Bull Racing Celebrates F1 Win With Aerial Donuts

Red Bull Racing celebrates on a skyscraper.

At last weekend’s Indian Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel sealed his fourth consecutive Formula 1 World Champion title, and team Red Bull racing clinched its fourth consecutive Constructors’ Title. After winning the race, Vettel spun his Formula 1 car in dramatic donuts, leading to FIA race officials levying a €25,000 fine on Red Bull Racing. Frustrated, the triumphant team decided to celebrate in far more dramatic fashion with this video.

After Vettel and Red Bull Racing’s wins, the race team hoisted one of its Formula 1 cars 690 feet into the air atop the helipad on Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel. There, former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard strapped into the Red Bull Racing car, revved its engine, and performed donuts with smoke pouring off the tires.

“When Red Bull first suggested the idea to me I said, ‘why not?’ I like getting involved with anything that pushes the boundaries and it’s what Red Bull stands for,” Coulthard said in a statement.

Watch the video below to see Red Bull Racing and David Coulthard pull off the high-flying celebration in Dubai.