Feature Flick: Red Bull Audi R8 LSM Takes to Terramar Circuit

Did you know that, as far back as the early 1920s, there was an oval-shaped Grand Prix track in Spain? We didn’t either until today, when we watched the Red Bull Racing Audi R8 LSM racecar take to the nearly-century-old Terramar Circuit in this captivating video.
Piloting the R8 are DTM driver Miguel Molina and rally veteran Carlos Sainz. Both are natives of Spain and have only heard stories of the historical racetrack – which, unlike its English contemporary, Brooklands, still remains largely intact. Opened in 1923, Terramar was home to the Spanish Grand Prix for just one year (which was won by French driver Albert Divo) before it was essentially abandoned by the middle of the decade. The circuit record was set that same year by Count Louis Zborowski at a quick 45.8 seconds for the two-kilometer (1.24-mile) track.
Fast forward to 2012 and take in the sight: the aged race track, crumbling; Audi’s lightning-fast R8 LSM growling; Sainz and Molina eager to break the record yet weary of the various potholes that have emerged since Zborowski set his record 89 years ago. While, yes, Sainz does manage a new record – 42.6 seconds – the eight-plus-minute video is less about making a new track time, but about the beauty and wonder of interacting with this piece of history. As Sainz says at the end of the video, “It is wonderful that we have conserved something so old, that is a relic, because it is a part of motoring history, [built by] people who had the same passion that we have today.”
Enjoy the sights of the Terramar Circuit and sounds of the Red Bull Audi R8 LSM below.
Source: YouTube

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