Feature Flick: Red Bull Announces Augmented Racing Application

We can’t all get behind the wheel of a NASCAR stock car, but Red Bull‘s new iPhone app allows you to drive a digital replica on a course you design using — you guessed it — cans of Red Bull.

Available free of charge in the iTunes store for both the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, Red Bull‘s augmented reality racing game asks users to get creative and design a racetrack by lining up cans of Red Bull in their desired configuration. To get started, you’ll need head to your local Red Bull retailer and buy as many cans of the energy drink as your imagination (or wallet) will allow. Once you’re ready, arrange the cans as desired, and scan them using the app. Once recorded, the app crafts a digital racetrack model shaped like your arrangement of cans.

Now that the track is designed, users can drive their courses and set lap times, both of which can be shared with friends. In the video below, Red Bull team driver Kasey Kahne designs his own kidney bean-shaped track, which can also be played in the game.

Red Bull will feature the game’s best tracks and most active users on its website for all to see. If you’ve used the app or are considering it, send us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Red Bull

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