Feature Flick: Porsche Waits Out the Rain with Boxster, Carrera GT, 914, and Others

There are few downsides to the 2013 Porsche Boxster; however, one of those downsizes is not being able to enjoy the wind-in-your-hair feeling of a roadster when it’s raining. But Porsche reminds us in this new video that good things come to those who wait.

After the storm breaks, a Porschephile’s dream comes true – a 2013 Boxster is joined on the track by some of the brand’s legendary roadsters, including a 550 Spyder, 914, and Carrera GT. With a collection of drop-top sports cars running on a track, Porsche reminds us that “Rain is not forever. But a roadster is.” Along with reminding us about the joy of driving a roadster, Porsche gives us a tantalizing tease of the exhaust notes of the assembled cars.

As a reminder, the 2013 Boxster is powered by a 2.7-liter flat-six rated at 265hp and 206lb-ft of torque; the more powerful Boxster S makes 315hp and 266lb-ft from a 3.4-liter boxer-six. Both models are offered with either a six-speed manual or the seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. Pricing starts at $50,450 for the Boxster and $61,850 for the Boxster S. (Both prices include destination.)

Source: YouTube

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2013 Porsche Boxster

2013 Porsche Boxster

MSRP $49,500 Base Convertible

0-60 MPH:

5.6 SECS


20 City / 30 Hwy

Horse Power:

265 @ 6700