Feature Flick: Porsche Eyes Perfection By Combining the 904 GTS with Walter Rohrl

Walter Röhrl and Porsche 904 GTS, together at the same time? Sounds like a recipe for greatness.

If you’re looking for a lesson from Röhrl himself, the video has it all. Just watch his eyes, his footwork, his hand placement on the steering wheel, and how he holds the 904 GTS together on the track with precise inputs. And check out that face. The calmness and focus is exactly what we’d expect from a guy who spent a large part of his career going sideways on loose surfaces with racing fans/spectators just a few feet from his hood.

The 904 GTS is no slouch either, last seeing sports car racing duty in the 1960s. The photo above allows us to compare the car’s height with Rohrl, and we imagine the Porsche is supremely light on its feet. And like any good German racing car, it’s painted the national color of silver.

See a racing legend use the entire track via the YouTube video below.

Click here for video

Source: Porsche (via YouTube)