Feature Flick: Peugeot RCZ vs. Mountain Bike

Here’s a question: what’s faster, a Peugeot RCZ or a mountain bike? The answer is obviously the Peugeot, but the French automaker decided to make a movie and ask the question again while sending both down a steep, slippery, snowy hill.

The video comes courtesy of Peugeot Italy, who sent down Italian rally champ Paolo Andreucci behind the wheel of the French sports coupe. His adversary: downhill cycling champion Lorenzo Suding, who strapped into his bicycle and started pedaling. As you might expect, Suding took the most direct route possible, going straight down the snowy/rocky hill. Andreucci, meanwhile, took a lengthier route, sliding the Peugeot around the corners of a tight, slippery mountain road.

Who wins? Well, one man gets to the bottom first, but both methods of transportation seem pretty appealing. Let us know which one you’d prefer in the comments.

Source: Peugeot

Click here for video


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